Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Molly and Her Love of Food

This is a picture of Molly at our "Cherry Party" as she calls it. (When my Mom, sisters and I made 400+ chocolate covered cherries.)
Saturday I found Esten and Molly is his closet each sippin' on a can of Tahitian Treat. Esten said that Molly was the one that brought them in there. I don't doubt it! We're planning on putting a lock on the pantry and fridge.
The next day, Connor & Esten came running in the hearth room, "Molly is on top of her kitchen eating a bowl of chili!" YEP, she sure was. She was sitting on the very top of her kitchen eating a big COLD bowl of chili. (I had left it on the counter after warming some up for Jonathan.)